7-Day Reset Cleanse

A Plant Based, Living Foods Cleanse

Spring is the perfect time to hit the reset button on your health and well being and create a healthy lifestyle.

Would you like to:

- Lose weight?

- Increase your energy?

- Be happier?

- Experience a week of no meat, dairy, gluten, or bad sugars?

- Create sustainable, healthy eating habits and recipes that will last beyond this week?

If so, this 7-Day Reset Method Cleanse is for you.

It's a simple, plant-based cleanse that is not based on deprivation or starvation but on enjoying the abundance of the right kind of foods in the right combination.

What's included in the 7-Day Reset Method Cleanse?

  • 7-Day plant-based guided program

  • 7-Day menu

  • My personal recipes

  • Grocery list

  • Kitchen tool list

  • 2 Q&A and education calls

  • Daily Facebook Live videos and posts

  • Group support during the program

  • Private Facebook group page with all documents, information, and friends to support you

  • The start of a healthy lifestyle that you can easily apply and maintain

  • A chance to feel fantastic and have the body you've always wanted (Priceless!)

The Next 

7-Day Reset 




January 11th

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Who is this for?

  • People who are serious about taking responsibility for their health and wellbeing

  • Beginners who want to learn more about and try on a plant based lifestyle

  • Anyone who wants a healthy reboot

  • Anyone who wants support and encouragement changing eating habits

  • Chronic dieters who have tried everything and nothing had a lasting impact

  • People who have tried juice cleanses but want something healthy that they can make a part of their ongoing lifestyle

DID YOU KNOW? 95% of our 7-Day Reset Method Participants

have never eaten plant-based, raw living foods before!

Join the 7-Day Reset Method Cleanse and find an enthusiastic and supportive community who share the same goals as you.

Check out the exciting results from our past participants:

I have suffered from severe belly bloat since my C-section 9 years ago. Even in marathon running shape, I still looked 4 months pregnant.  I tried everything! I even ate nothing but chicken and broccoli and brown rice for months while I ran miles and miles. I would be in great shape everywhere else but my belly just never shrunk. It affects me so much and is such an insecurity. Well! I’m so excited to tell you that after 7 days on this cleanse, I’m down 6 pounds and it seems to all be coming off my belly! It has shrunk so much that I ever had a thought that I might get to wear a bikini this summer without being self conscious! Food is medicine, and I was doing it all wrong! This is a new way of life and I am so excited for what comes next!!

                                               -- Kathryn O.

I love your recipes. They are easy to prepare and balanced with good nutrition. I feel great and I sleep so well. I have lost 3 pounds without effort. This was the jumpstart I needed and the community to keep me accountable and connected.

                                                        -- Nancy D.

This has been an incredible experience. I feel like 1 week went by so fast from an eating perspective, but I feel like i’ve been a part of this group for longer. I’ve appreciated the everyone’s comments, pictures, and encouragement. I am continuing to experiment with portions, recipes, and time-saving preparations. And, get this, I am voluntarily skipping coffee tomorrow (which is unheard of for me)!

                                                 -- Mike L.

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You can transfer this program to another person provided that it's before you've been put into the Facebook Group Page.

"Thank you for taking care of yourself by signing up for the 7-Day Reset Method Cleanse. By you taking this step, you will impact your family and friends. Together we will impact the Planet so that we can live in harmony with the way Nature intended us to live."  -- Ian Myers

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