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7-Day Reset Cleanse

Begin Your Health Transformation

Now is the perfect time to elevate your wellbeing and start living with optimal vitality!

Would you like to...

Lose weight, increase your energy, feel happier, and create sustainable, healthy eating habits? 


Please note that all purchases are non-refundable

What is the 7-Day Reset?​

A plant-based cleanse that is not based on deprivation or starvation but on enjoying the abundance of nourishing & healing foods.

What's included in the 7-Day Reset Method Cleanse?

  • 7-Day plant-based guided program

  • Carefully crafted recipes that are delicious and easy to follow

  • User-friendly grocery list

  • Explanation of kitchen tools

  • Access to our private Facebook group page with additional documents, information, and friends to support you

  • The tools for creating a healthy lifestyle that you can easily maintain

  • An opportunity to both feel and look fantastic 

Who is this for?

  • Those who want to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing

  • Beginners who want to trial a plant based lifestyle with support

  • Anyone seeking a health reboot

  • Individuals who would appreciate support and encouragement from others

  • Chronic dieters who are looking for a sustainable solution

"Thank you for taking care of yourself by signing up for the 7-Day Reset Method Cleanse. By you taking this step, you will impact your family and friends. Together we will impact the Planet so that we can live in harmony with the way nature intended us to live." 


- Ian Myers

Our Vision

Our vision emanates from our heart. Humans radiate positivity and light as a result of their individual, holistic wellbeing. Thus, the world is a place of thriving vitality and collective harmony.


This has been an incredible experience. I feel like 1 week went by so fast from an eating perspective, but I feel like i’ve been a part of this group for longer. I’ve appreciated the everyone’s comments, pictures, and encouragement. I am continuing to experiment with portions, recipes, and time-saving preparations. And, get this, I am voluntarily skipping coffee tomorrow (which is unheard of for me)!

Mike L.

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