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For 30 years I did not eat one vegetable.  My parents tried all kinds of tricks to get me to eat them, but I wouldn't do it.  Who knew I would grow up to embrace a lifestyle eating raw and living foods consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables?!


My journey began over 6 years ago when, in my late 20's, I was diagnosed with several severe conditions. I had gone to the doctor for a routine check up because I notice my heart was racing even while resting.  It turns out I had high blood pressure and was on my way to heart disease. I was also pre-diabetic and had weak kidneys and a leaky gut.  Hearing that news got my attention.  


Gradually I made dietary and lifestyle changes, began juicing, and detoxified my body.  I was always a body builder, but I lost 75 lbs of fat and re-built my body on plants--mostly fruits and superfoods.  


Most people ask me where I get my protein.  The answer: Plants. The plant kingdom has everything we need.  I'm living proof.



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