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Your journey to vitality begins NOW!

At Ian Myers Wellness, it is our mission to champion the lives of our clients, strategically aiding them in manifesting their highest potential by creating true

alignment within all aspects of their lives.

About Our Founder
Ian Michael Myers

At the age of 30, our founder, Ian Myers, made the conscious decision to commit to a life of true wellness. Having personally experienced the shift from systemic "dis-ease" to expansive vitality, Ian felt called to share this method of health restoration with others. In 2012, he began formally coaching clients, speaking publicly, and enrolling his community in the areas of holistic wellbeing.


Since then, Ian has remained dedicated to evolving his offerings and expanding his organization in order to best serve as many people as possible, remaining dedicated to providing customized, comprehensive, and transformational support.

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At Ian Myers Wellness, we believe that true vitality requires alignment within all areas of our lives. Thus, we support our clients by ensuring each aspect of their being is rooted in harmony. Through this approach, we routinely witness profound transformation in our client's health, happiness, and engagement in life. 

Creator of the 7-Day Reset Cleanse


While we encourage a holistic approach to wellness, we believe that physical vitality often sets the foundation for vibrant living. Thus, Ian Myers developed the 7-Day Reset Cleanse to aid his clients in detoxifying and replenishing their body.


This raw, plant-based food cleanse provides a strategically crafted menu of delicious and easy recipes to aid you in realigning your eating habits, increasing your health, and kickstarting your whole-being transformation. 

This program also comes with motivating group support to champion you along the way! 

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Invest in Your LIFE!


We know that you were put on this earth to lead a life filled with health, joy, and purpose! Are you ready to transform into the person you've always wanted to be? If so, then we are ready and waiting to support you in accelerating that process. We invite you to schedule your session with Ian Myers today and begin your journey!

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