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Creator of the 7-Day reset Method cleanse

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I am passionate about simple, healthy eating.  I eat living plant based foods because these foods heal my body and give me the energy I require to live in the most optimum, high vibe state. These foods also give my body the amino acids it needs to weight train and build muscle.  Plant based muscle--at its finest.


I have helped many people make the transition to a healthier lifestyle through my food and lifestyle coaching.  And, I have helped others weight train to build muscle and look fantastic.  I make living your highest version of yourself simple and fun.


Join me in the plant powered muscle revolution--one smoothie at a time. Book a coaching or training session with me today!

Creator and Founder of the 7-Day Reset Method Cleanse


It's a plant-based, raw living food cleanse that provides you with a week's worth of menus and delicious recipes to reset your eating habits and get you on track for a healthier lifestyle. You get incredible group support as you take the leap into healthier living.


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Plant Powered Food and Lifestyle Coaching


Are you ready to start eating healthier and committing to a healthier lifestyle?  If so, I am your coach.  My approach is gradual and easy.  I do not believe in depravation or starvation.  I begin by adding healthy habits and foods to your life one step at a time.

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Ian Michael Myers

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Plant Powered Food & Lifestyle Coaching 


Creator of the 7-Day Reset Method Cleanse

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